About Catherine


Currently residing in Fort Lauderdale Florida, I am a certified hypnotist and coach. I studied under some of the best hypnotists & life coaches in the US and continue to further my education when possible, adding to the palette of possibilities other techniques available to suit my clients’ different styles and personalities.

A brief passage in Law School in Paris France made me realize I prefer to focus on the psychology of us rather than the laws that govern us and I changed orientation gaining a vast array of experience working for advertising and event agencies with various roles as copywriter, documentary author & director. Seeing first-hand how advertising and motivational speeches can influence people, triggering emotional responses. I hold a MA in Communications from Science Com Nantes where I was lucky enough to be taught by Communication pros rather than traditional academia.

During my time at San Francisco State University I studied Psychology, interned at a local children Hospital using Creative Art Therapy and worked as a freelance illustrator in Mountain View. I went to summer school at Stanford University where I learned the Psychology of Peak Performance and Abnormal Psychology.

The media focus on “attention” issues in the States triggered my curiosity and I trained to be a coach for people who “have” ADHD – although I would never call it a “disorder” but a trait while I realize that a form of disorder (meaning: not orderly/organized) does indeed exist in people who share that trait, whether emotional, logistical, intellectual, etc. Because Emotions are so fundamental in our lives, it seemed like a logical move to comprehend how these emotions could be channeled in an ecological manner, empowering rather than overwhelming the individual and hypnosis became part of that logic.

Emotional Freedom Techniques and Hypnosis are used in my office to help people change bad habits or alter the way they feel because emotional distress occurs more on the “feeling level” rather than the “thinking level”. Yet it is understood that there are different thinking styles, cultures & behaviors which must be taken into consideration. My international background enables me to best help my clients whether local or expatriates.

**Catherine is fluent in English & French and understands Spanish.

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