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Welcome and congratulations on the good instincts that led you to this site!

As a CERTIFIED HYPNOTIST AND COACH I will be using the best techniques available today. Do you know that Hypnosis is a natural state that is familiar to us since birth?

In my office located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, we will use this natural ability you and I have to trigger the changes you want and achieve your goals. A lot has been said about Hypnosis while nothing is really valid to you until you have experienced it one way or the other, or think you have experienced it.

As a baby, you have stared for a very long time at a face, perhaps you mother’s. You may have smiled when she smiled. You have done it without the conscience of it. You have touched and felt, heard and listened, tasted and smelled, moved and made sounds without  awareness. You have reproduced and mimicked what you saw without knowing. That in itself was a state of Hypnosis.

Later you may have acted like your peers, worn the same clothes, listened to the same music and generally done what was necessary to blend in and follow a certain order of the world you lived in. When it came easily, you had perfectly and effortlessly reproduced  your models –you had great conditioning and good mentors-and there was no conflict between your conscious and unconscious. You were in Hypnotic states, your critical faculty was not in your way. Similarly, if you were stopped along the way of your development by traumatic events, you may have been stuck in that time, hypnotized by these events, unable to move on. Either way, it seems hypnosis is always present and therefore the conscious use of it to program or deprogram, condition or decondition looks like a very good idea indeed.

With guided Hypnosis, uniquely experienced by each individual, we recover and tap into that habitual state while giving suggestions that are appropriately tailored to the wishes of the client. It is a relationship between the Hypnotist and the subject and the feedback loop between them creates an hypnotic state. Hypnosis is a mean of accessing unconscious resources.

They are various models of Hypnosis and they are of interest to the hypnotist. A session is not a course in Hypnosis, the client is looking for results!

And remember:

the past does not equal the future

your internal experience of the world is not the world

failure is only feedback

you are not your emotions

if what you are doing isn’t working do anything else, take action toward your outcome and start IMMEDIATELY.

Are you ready for Hypnosis? Coaching? Both? Let’s get started today.

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